Friday, December 28, 2007

The 18lb. cat.....

Why is it that my cat HAS to sit on the keyboard whenever I am busy typing???? I have never understood why animals- particularly cats are able to sense what is the most important thing in your life at that moment- like reading a book, writing in your journal- updating your blog... and then they SIT there on that object facing you- and are very perturbed when you shoo them away. My little cat is a measly 18lbs... so it's quite a struggle sometimes to get him off of things. But I love the fur ball. He's very dashing. All salt 'n peppered.

So, I'm going to post some quick environment designs that I did when working over at Sony on the Jackie Chan Saturday morning cartoon show. I had just come from Disney feature, and will admit that I had a HUGE chip on my shoulder about how good I thought I was... Well, I got my bum kicked. There were some incredible people on our small bg design crew- Andy Chung, ( a designer on League of Extraordinary Gentleman being one of them.

At Sony, we started out with 10 roughs that had to be approved weekly and ended the show with about 40 roughs per week/per person. It was a six month gig that I learned to suck it up and start working hard again. I admit- when I left Disney- I was very burnt out and never wanted to see another pencil or layout desk again- but at Sony- it revived my love for what I did- (drawing) and even though these drawings were done in a couple of hours- they are pretty solid. Still not as good as Andy's though.... heeheeheee!

blogger is being a bit buggy- I'll have to upload more when it will allow me to!
Stay tuned!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Crazy Busy.... but that is normal!

So, here are a few surviving tonals from a couple of Disney Feature 2D projects- and I say surviving because most are shelved in the studio archives somewhere collecting acid free dust. I did clean up layout (lighting tonals essentially) for 3 years on Pocahontas- then Ed Ghertner graciously allowed me to transfer over to Hunchback, where I really learned how to draw in perspective. I'll post more when I have time- I'm swamped with production work as we speak- :o)

Atlantis layouts were finalized in marker and white gouache- it was fast, fun and a more graphic style.