Sunday, January 25, 2009

Good Grief, these kids think I'm a rockstar...

I recently accepted a 'job' on sundays teaching the 4 year old kids- it's called Primary. Frankly, it's free daycare for the parents- they get two blissfilled hours of no kiddies- and someone else (me) gets to take over and bribe these critters with food just to have them sit up in a chair. But, I on the other hand, have figured out that if you give them a gluestick, paper, crayons and a lot of cleaning wipes, there are MANY wonderful and unexpectant things that can happen.


Blogger David Bernal said...

hahaha! Awesome!!!
you have any pictures? :)

12:53 PM PST  
Blogger m3ng said...

Congrats! :) it's amazing how long a few art supplies can keep them occupied....

3:18 PM PST  
Blogger Sam Nielson said...

Thank goodness for Primary and free daycare! :) I'm still counting the days until my youngest moves into Nursery so I can actually start listening to what people are teaching. . .

12:51 PM PST  
Blogger Heather Dixon said...

I've noticed Play-do works wonders, too

6:25 PM PST  
Blogger dicet said...

Lots of great work Denise!
I have never met officially but I'll be working with you soon.

talk to you soon


2:53 PM PDT  
Blogger pud said...

Hi Denise

Not sure if you remember me from the Disney feature days.
Just want to mention how much I enjoy your site.
I love all the style guide reference and it's so great to see your talent with all your posted work.

Very inspiring :-)
take care

10:02 AM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And I have the ten year olds now. Very cool!

6:19 PM PST  

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