Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lessons of the past...

Figure sketching is a rare treat for me these days. I remember going to Vern Wilson's Saturday morning Eagle Rock workshop classes and seeing a young artist there by the Steve Huston sketching away. That was many, many years ago. Way back when a woman's bangs of hair were dyed, fried and pushed to the side.... (the 80's).

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Black hefty garbage bags for drapes.... *sigh*

30 more boxes to unpack- I think. Moving is stressful- but also cleansing. You get a chance to go thru everything and see if it is a must keep, want to keep, or just toss it. I have over 15 bags of garbage sitting out on my deck ready for the garbage man- not to mention the 10 boxes of stuff to donate to the goodwill. The down side to moving, it's soooooooo expensive to set up a household. Which is why I still have 5 extra large black Hefty garbage sacks acting as my window shades in the living room. But to get back to the benefits of moving- I did manage to find these digital paintings- I honestly thought I had lost them. They are from the soon to be released TinkerBelle movie.