Monday, September 01, 2008

I haven't forgotten.... but I did forget my log in name!

Okay- it's been so long that I've checked my blog, that I forgot my log in name!

I've had a huge change of 'life' plans lately. My best friend and I had decided to start our own business in an area unrelated to animation- when this fantastic job opportunity came out of the blue. I accepted a job with an animation company in the Bay area, and will be moving there in a few days. When things are unpacked, I'll post more work regarding my animation work--- certainly have enough of it by now. It's just all in a box that is labeled 'studio' at the present time.

But I'm looking forward to this new and exciting phase of my life. It will be fun to start a job and live in a city where you don't know a single soul.  I feel like I am going off to college...