Sunday, October 04, 2009

ode to the roomba....

'the first successful low light picture I've done so far.... my living room- yea!'

If you're trying to figure out what the correlation between a cleaning machine is to the photo posted above, well, there is one. Friday one of my famous OCD friends came into town and made me go to Bed, Bath & Beyond to purchase a mid priced Roomba- with coupons of course. She took one look at the tumbleweeds of dust bunnies on my wood floors and that was it. The tumbleweeds that I had so fondly started giving individual names to, were now a thing of the past. So, now after acquainting myself with the machine that is known to dawdle when it cleans- I'm a believer. It does a pretty descent job. My silk and wool area rugs are much more happier, and the machine does not get tied up in the fringe as the worry wart that I am so thought. Purging had been a huge goal of mine this past year- and I met it with success. Now the only thing left is to organize and purge out one last room. The rest- closets, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, dining room, living room, are all ORGANIZED. 

Now the next hobbies to attack are low light photography and floral design and getting back to weekly sunday night dinner parties with friends. I figure that if I spend a year on these I should be at a new place in life. The above arrangement is from a florist down in Los Angeles called Mark's Garden. It's an English basket- and it's my favorite arrangement. I had two brought up Friday so I could disassemble one (and figure out how it's put together- so I can recreate it here for me) and the other one is for me to enjoy. And the photo of the arrangement? it's actually just another lazy Sunday night here at my new abode- complete with a roaring fireplace, creek running thru the back yard, and deer nibbling at my little trees. I like to kick back on Sundays and spend time with new friends just chatting away... and dusting off the old cooking skills that I learned as a teenager.


Blogger Tyler said...

Hey Denise!

This roomba talk cracks me up! Your blog is awesome! I love those paint studies you posted, they're beautiful!

Well, I'm married and back at BYU. We got like $800 in BBB gift cards! I miss being out there in Emeryville but I'm excited to be able to finish my last year and a half of school.


-I'll have to look into this roomba machine you speak of...sounds Nuts!

3:05 PM PDT  
Blogger Christiane R. Woerner said...

Your home looks very welcoming. It did not look like that when Bryan and I came up to help you move it, but you and your OCD friend have worked wonders.

Remember that after the kids left home, Mom and Dad purchased a roomba for the pool and called it Al. He lingered in all the right places and the pool no longer turns green every spring.

Love you lots. We need to arrange a co-visit to Aunt Ada. I'll call you with all the details.


9:41 PM PDT  
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